Monday, August 3, 2009

#BookReview: Sail - James Patterson & Howard Roughan

Before her husband passed, Katherine Dunne thought she had the perfect family. It's been four years since he passed and her kids are out of control. Her oldest daughter is bulimic, her middle son is a pothead and her youngest son is an overeater. Newly married Katherine realizes that while her marriage may make her happy, it's doing nothing for her kids. Thinking that a vacation with just the kids would be good for her, and them, Katherine plans a two month sailing trip with them and her brother-in-law. What Katherine doesn't know is that someone is out to rid the world of all the Dunnes.

This storyline wasn't as developed as it could have been. There are several two to three page chapters that could have been eliminated or combined with other extremely short chapters. Like a lot of James Patterson stories that are co-written, I felt like this was a book that he merely added his name to to increase sells. This is a quick read, but there's nothing surprising about this book at all.
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