Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#BookReview: That Takes Ovaries! bold females and their brazen acts - edited by Rivka Solomon

I came across this gem while wasting time at Barnes & Noble last Saturday. All I can say is, wow! Someone has summed up the phenomenon that is woman with one simple phrase, "That takes ovaries." Editor Rivka Solomon was attending a dinner party a few years ago and gave this response to a story another guest was telling about a brazen female. After seeing everyone's reaction to the phrase, she issued a call for stories of women and men around the country who had been witness to, or participated in, a "take charge" act.

Seeking submissions of anything YOU have *ever* done - little or big - that was gutsy or audacious...Something that when you think about it today, makes you nod your head with *pride,* or even semi-disbelief, and think, "Wow! I did that!"
As you can imagine, her inbox was overflowing with stories. The outcome is a book of sixty-four short stories broken down into sections such as: On the Spot: Impulsive, Gutsy Acts; Doing It Together: Collective Activism; and For Ourselves: Taking Charge of Our Bodies and Sexuality. I won't go into all of the stories, you really must read this collection yourself, but I will give a synopsis of my favorite from the book.

Preaching to the Convicted by Kathleen Tarr tells of the time that the author awoke to find a burglar in her house. Instead of hiding, she approached him head on and proceeded to lecture him. In a house with walls full of posters of black revolutionaries she asked, "You would look Martin Luther King in the eye and continue to rob this house? You would look at these celebrations of Sojourner Truth and Toussaint L'Ouverture and cavalierly ransack this home for mere dollars?" Now the author was really stalling for time until she could find her keys and make a mad dash out of the house, but by the time she broke the man down, he was in tears, pointed out that her keys were in the back door and left her house.

I don't know if I would have been brave enough, or had the ovaries, to do this, but I was more than impressed with the author. That Takes Ovaries is definitely recommended reading.
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