Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#BookReview: Witch and Wizard - James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet

If JK Rowling hasn't already started legal proceedings against James Patterson, she should. In an obvious knock off of the Harry Potter series, Patterson and his co-author introduce us to the sister and brother team of Whit and Whisty.

A new political party has taken over the country and all wizards and witches have been sentenced to die upon reaching the age of 18. Much like Harry Potter, neither Whit or Whisty know that they are magical creatures until someone tells them. While they sit in jail awaiting death, they begin to explore their newly acquired skills with the assistance of their jail mates, other imprisoned teen witches and wizards.

Much reference is made to "Gary Blotter" and "The One Who Is The One." Readers of Harry Potter will pick up several inferences to the series. If you've read Patterson's Maximum Ride series, you can save yourself the time and trouble of reading what was promised to be something new and exciting in this series. The names, places and methods of torture have changed, but make no mistake, Witches and Wizards is nothing new. Though recommended for young adults, I wouldn't try to sneak this one past them unless they've not read any of the above referenced series.
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