Friday, January 22, 2010

#BookReview: Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea - Chelsea Handler

This is THE funniest book I've read in a long time. I giggled. I snickered. I cackled!

I've never watched Chelsea Lately, but I was somewhat familiar with Chelsea Handler from her Girls Behaving Badly days. Others had told me how funny she was, but I didn’t understand just how funny until I started reading.

The book opens with a story about Chelsea as a third grade misfit. Trying to become one of the popular girls, and catch the eye of a fifth grade boy, she announces that she will be starring in the sequel to Private Benjamin. As the news of a star in their midst spreads through the school, the principal catches wind of it and contacts her parents.

This is the scene that follows:

"You're shooting a movie with Goldie Hawn and flying to the Galapagos?"

My whole day deflated in a matter of seconds. "Mrs. Schectman was making a big deal about me not doing my homework and the Goldie Hawn story was the only thing I could think of," I told him.

"Well, why didn't you do your homework?" he asked me.

"Because, Dad!" I wailed, bursting into tears and stomping my left foot. "It was the season premiere of Charles in Charge! Are you out of your tree?"

"Chelsea, sweetie, you don't have to make up such far-fetched lies," my mother said in her ultracalm tone. "Couldn't you have come up with something a little more reasonable?"
If that's not funny enough for you, there are stories about the nights she spent in jail for a DUI and federal warrants, bonding with her cell mate appropriately nicknamed Hammertime, while waiting on her family to post bail. Or there's the trip to London which includes nude dining in the dark and a lengthy conversation with someone whom she thought was Don Henley of The Eagles. There's also the boyfriend who seems to have an unusual relationship with dogs; her sister, the Jewish Mormon; and Chelsea's obsession with little people.

What did you like about this book?
I absolutely loved this book. I tried to take a peek at her show while reading and quickly determined that I'm not ready to watch it, but I'd be willing to read just about anything she writes. She's just that funny.

What did you dislike about this book?
Nothing. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

How can the author improve this book?
It could have been longer. In the meantime, I suggest she write another one and soon!

272 pp
Published April 2008

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