Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guest Bloggers Needed - Apply Within!

Reads4Pleasure is all about sharing books that I enjoy with fellow readers. The time has come for you to tell us about the books you love, or don’t.

I’m seeking guest bloggers who will tell everyone what books they’ve enjoyed, what books they haven’t enjoyed, what books they look forward to reading, which books could stay on the shelf collecting dust forever and they’d never miss them… You get the point.

The rules for participation are pretty simple. You have to be a reader who is willing to share your story. I’m not looking for professionals. I want my fellow readers and bloggers to write the blog posts about their experiences.

What do you get in return? More publicity for your blog, if you’re blogger, and personal satisfaction if you’re a fellow reader (and I know that all of you are or you wouldn’t be here). You can link liberally to your blog(s) and your social media profiles. I’ll promote your post on Twitter and possibly other social media outlets. I ask that you also promote your guest post on your blog and on social media.

I’d like to post at least one article a week from a guest blogger. I’ll post them more often if there is enough interest and participation. To participate, send me an email (Reads4Pleasure@gmail.com) with the following information:

§ Your name

§ The name of the book about which you’ll be blogging

§ A 200 - 500 word review of the book

§ A link to your blog and/or Twitter name

§ A few sentences about you so that you can be properly introduced to the rest of the reading community

I know that you’ve read something that you’re just dying to share with all of us, so get to writing!

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