Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Read Because He Reads

As a child I always wanted to do whatever my father was doing. If it meant watching the 76ers battle the Lakers, I was there. If it meant sitting outside watching the neighborhood fathers do battle on our basketball court, I was there. But more than anything else, my father read (and still reads) and so did I.

While he prefers science fiction and spy novels, I prefer literary fiction, short stories and world lit. I remember the Lord of the Rings series sitting on the bookcase while I was growing up. Though he tried to get me to read it, I had no desire to. It wasn't until I got sick on vacation and could find nothing else on tv that I watched Lord of the Rings and could appreciate it. I can remember how excited he was when I told him that I had seen the first two movies in the series and asked if he wanted to see the third together.

I also got my love of music from him. A Saturday morning of housecleaning was incomplete without him playing DJ. This was in the 70s when 8-tracks were the latest thing and you actually had to listen to segments of albums all the way through since you couldn't fast forward or rewind. Natalie Cole, Chuck Mangione, The Commodores and Earth, Wind & Fire have remained my favorites simply because they remind me of those days.

So Happy Father's Day to the man that introduced me to good books and good music, my dad.

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