Friday, July 16, 2010

Free For All Friday

Instead of the usual book review, I thought we'd talk about a hodgepodge of things.

1. The Old Spice Man gets all literary on us and what not

2. Author Ernessa T. Carter was bold enough to share a chapter of the rough draft for her new book online.  Guess what? I loved 32 Candles and I love what she's written so far in what she's titled The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men.  If you didn't check it out earlier in the week, by all means, click here and do so now!

3. Lori Tharp, author of Kinky Gazpacho, has a new book coming out! Fans of The Nanny Diaries are sure to love Substitute Me.  What happens when 30 year old college drop out Zora becomes the nanny & then some? Pre-order your copy and find out!

4.The debate over whether or not books by and about African-Americans should be integrated within their respective genres or lumped together in "the black section" continues on Twitter and the blogosphere.   Author Tayari Jones tackles it again with her post Avoid the Santa Syndrome: Don't Blame Zane.  We've talked about it here before, but I'm interested in knowing if your views have changed since the last time.  Do you like your books like you like your martinis, shaken not stirred (segregated) or on the rocks (integrated)?

5. What would you like to see more of on the blog? What would you like to see less of? Do Teaser Tuesdays & Throwback Thursdays work for you or should I do them less frequently?  Is there too much going on in the side columns or not enough?

6. What's on your mind? It's Free for All Friday so there's no need to stick to just lit.  Feel free to share whatever it is you're just dying to talk about.
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