Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Colorful Chick Lit Challenge

I have to confess that before I started listening to audio books, I didn't think much of chick lit.  However, I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to, and reading, it.  So much so that I started wondering why there isn't more chick lit featuring women of color. Oh sure, occasionally authors will throw in a sidekick with a tinge of color, but mostly the stars of these adventures and their counterparts are lily white.

Then I thought, well maybe no one writes about women of color in this genre because they think there's not an audience for it.  The response from readers when I review chick lit on this blog brings people out of the woodwork.  So we're reading it and it doesn't necessarily have to be about us for us to enjoy it.  That led me to research chick lit outside of the mainstream.  And guess what? There's books aplenty!  I've not read all of it yet, but I've found chick lit with Indian, Latina, Asian and African-American women.  And they're not the sidekick.  They're the star!

  • The challenge will run from January 1 - December 31, 2011
  • Paper, e-books and audio books are all acceptable
  • What qualifies as colorful chick lit
    • Written by women of color about women of color
    • Humorous, snarky or laugh out loud
    • A tinge of romance, but not so much that it resembles a Harlequin
    • A happy ending
    • It's rom/com on paper!
  • Participants should try to read books from all four categories: Indian, Latina, Asian & African-American
  • Levels of participation
    • Novice: 4 to 7 books
    • Amateur: 8 to 11 books
    • Queen of Chick Lit: 12 or more books
  • Indian
    • Bollywood Confidential by Sonia Singh
    • Imaginary Men by Anjali Banerjee 
    • The Girl Most Likely by Poonam Sharma
  • Latina
    • Life Over Easy by Margo Candela
    • Playing with Boys by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
    • In Between Men by Mary Castillo
    • Asian
      • Buddha Baby by Kim Wong Keltner
      • In Full Bloom by Caroline Hwang 
      • China Dolls by Michelle Yu
    •  African-American
      • Cosmopolitan Girls by Lyah Beth LeFlore & Charlotte Burley
      • Feminista by Erica Kennedy
      • The Bum Magnet by K.L. Brady
    Interested? Grab the badge up top and sign up below.  You can also join us over on Goodreads! We'll do quarterly check-ins to find out how everyone is coming and hopefully, some of you will review what you've read.

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