Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#BookReview: Captive Bride - Bonnie Dee

I was so ready to love this book.  I mean, look at that cover.  It's gorgeous, right?  I thought I was getting an historical fiction novel.  What I got instead was closer to erotica than any other genre.

When Huann's parents announce that she'll be leaving China for America and a new husband, she's sorry to leave her family, but excited about the opportunities that await her.  While on the ship sailing for America, she notices several Chinese women held captive below deck.  In talking with them, she learns that they've been sold into prostitution in America.  Knowing that the man she's about to marry is wealthy, and must be kind, Huann promises that she won't forget the women and will do everything in her power to rescue them once they dock in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Huann's future husband is not what he seems and she finds herself on the streets of San Francisco.  Through the kindness of a stranger who owns a general store, Huann lands not only a new home, but a new job.  Alan didn't really need a cook or a maid, but when Huann shows up in front of his store, he feels the need to help the woman that doesn't speak his language.

Okay, so here is where it should turn into a romance, right? And for the most part it does, but in the midst of romantic scenes, the author uses really gutter language that just throws off the whole scene.  At first I thought it was a one time mistake, then she did it again several times.  It so was not what I was looking for and it just seemed completely unnecessary.  It was already bad enough that she glossed over the historical aspects of the  time, but she completely jumped the shark by choosing the wording she used.

What did you like about this book?
The cover is pretty.

What didn't you like about this book?
The publisher did it a disservice by classifying it as historical fiction, when that is the least of what it is.  People that are looking for erotica would overlook this because of how it's classified and those looking for historical fiction would be sorely disappointed.

What could the author do to improve this book?
If you're going to write gutter, do it consistently through the book.  Otherwise I suspect that using such language inappropriately is being done for the shock value.

Available on Kindle & Nook
Published February 2011

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