Friday, December 9, 2011

Confession: I'm A Muppet Stan

Longtime followers of the blog and Twitter followers know that I stan for the Peanuts.  I live tweet every holiday special and live for Snoopy's cackle.

But did you know that I also stan for the Muppets?  I don't know anyone that was happier than me when the latest Muppet film was announced. I was eight when The Muppet Movie came out.  I begged for the soundtrack on 8-track and still remember the words to all of the songs, like this one.

And this one

So over the Thanksgiving weekend, I begged asked the Princess of Snark, who is loving life as a college freshman these days, to accompany me to see The Muppets.  Both of us loved it!  It's cheesy, it's over the top, but it's the Muppets and that's exactly what I expected from them.  How can you see the clip below and not want to kick your heels up and run out in the street and dance?  

Don't even pretend like that clip didn't give you life! You're over there dancing in your seat, I can see you.  Anyway, watching the movie led me to wonder if there are enough Muppet fans out there to justify bringing the show back.  Would you watch it?  I know I would.

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