Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Things Week: Current TV Shows

 Our America with Lisa Ling, Sundays on OWN

One of the last true journalists on TV, Lisa goes after stories that others shy away from.  So far this season she's featured child prostitution, extreme parenting and polygamy.

Reed Between the Lines, Tuesdays on BET

I've seen complaints across the Internet that this show is horrible, it doesn't ring true, blah, blah, blah.  As much as people would like to pretend The Cosby Show or Girlfriends started out great, they didn't.  It took time for them to find their legs and it's taken time for Reed, but it's gotten better and is perfect if you're looking for a show the whole family can watch.

ABC's Wednesday night line up: Modern Family, The Middle, Suburbgatory & Happy Endings

I don't think we've seen a line up as good as this since NBC dominated Thursday nights in the 90s.  With the exception of Happy Endings, which may be too much for the kiddies, Wednesday night is a great night for family comedy.

The Walking Dead, Sunday nights on AMC

When this premiered last year, I loved it, but didn't know if it would be just as good its sophomore season.  It is!  It's on hiatus now, but will be back in the spring.  If you're a fan of Stephen King's The Stand, this has a similar feel.

New Girl, Tuesdays on FOX
I wasn't sure if I'd be on board with a show about a quirky chick.  I'm already a fan of, so did I have room for another nerd girl in my life? I did!  Zooey Deschanel is hilarious as Jess. 

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