Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#BookReview: Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner

When I mentioned on Twitter that I was reading this, I started getting tweets about how bad it was or how it didn't live up to her other work.  Well I can't remember reading any Jennifer Weiner before, so I had no basis for comparison.  I also know that reading is subjective and what works for some may not work for others.

With that being said, I found Then Came You to be a fairly decent read.  There was nothing earth shattering or life changing about it, but that's true of most books. Then Came You revolves around the lives of women connected to a fertility clinic.

When Princeton senior Julie is approached about donating her eggs, she's initially hesitant until she finds out how much they're worth.  It's not that she needs the money for school, but with $ 20,000 she can pay for her father's next stint in rehab.

Mother of two and the wife of an underemployed airline worker, Annie knows that being a surrogate could potentially harm her marriage, but her family really needs the money.  It's fascinating to watch the dynamics between Annie and her husband, sister and in-laws.  Everyone seems to recognize the need for the money, but Annie is made to feel as if it's her fault for providing for her family when her husband is incapable of doing so.

PR maven India is a planner.  When she left her life on the west coast and moved east, she created a new identity.  That carefully crafted identity lands her on the arm of one of New York's most eligible CEOs.  With her man and money, India should be unstoppable, but what she really wants is to have a baby.

Unlike other books where these women's lives would become intertwined early on, Weiner allows each of their story lines to fully develop before introducing them to each other.  Even when she does, each character maintains her identity and her story separate from the others.  As a reader, I appreciated that.

Published: July 2011


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