Friday, March 30, 2012

#BookReview: Gossip - Beth Gutcheon

Ever feel like you live in an alternate universe? That would be me right now as I write this review.  The whole time I read the book I thought it was just okay, but apparently other readers on Goodreads thought it was fantabulous.  Well alrighty then.

Gossip is the story of three women that attended prep school together: Loviah, a wallflower turned high end dress shop owner; Dinah, an outgoing know it all that holds a grudge forever who makes a living as a gossip columnist and restaurant critic; and Ava, an overly formal teen that becomes an overly formal adult who happens to be an art buyer.

Feeling that she was slighted by Ava as a teen, Dinah holds a grudge against her well into adulthood. It really shouldn't matter since the women seem to move in different circles.  Their only common denominator is Lovie, though I still can't figure out why.  And I guess that was my real problem with the book.  The friendships seemed so unlikely and they lacked a common thread.

Had they not attended school together, it's unlikely that someone as brash and bold would be friends with someone as meek and mild as Lovie.  And Ava didn't strike me as the kind of woman that needed any friends.  She barely even knew Lovie or Dinah in high school.  Even more mind boggling is Dinah asking Lovie to be her son's godmother.  It just made no sense to me.

Then there's the fact that the jacket of the book tells us that the book is about one thing, but it really isn't.  You'll find yourself three-fourths through the book before what is supposed to be the real story line kicks in.  Then it ends so abruptly you have to wonder what was the point of any of it.  This book just didn't work for me.

Published: March 2012
Disclosure: Book received from publisher.  All opinions are my own.


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