Monday, March 12, 2012

#BookReview: The Litigators - John Grisham

It seems that some writers develop a formula that works for them and they stick with it.  While John Grisham steps outside of the legal realm occasionally, and does it well, he doesn't very often.  So it's no surprise that his latest book is set in the legal arena.

Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are a modern day odd couple.  If ever there was a mismatched team, it's them.  A hen-pecked sixty something, Oscar is perfectly content to take on small cases that are guaranteed wins, even if they're not very exciting.  His partner, Wally, is a 40something who's always plotting his next "get rich quick" scheme.  The only thing keeping them from tearing each other apart and dissolving their partnership is their secretary.  And then, David Zinc enters their lives.

The stressed out David quits his job with one of the countries top firms in spectacular fashion.  A day long bender ends when he stumbles into Finley & Figg and promptly becomes their new associate.  David finds himself stuck between the practicality of Oscar and Wally's latest scheme, taking on a big pharmaceutical company.

The little guy taking on the big is a common theme in Grisham books and even though you're almost sure that you know how it'll all turn out, you read anyway.  Why? Because he's that good.

Published: October 2011

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