Friday, March 9, 2012

#BookReview: Spin - Catherine McKenzie

Own your shit.  That, fellow readers, could easily serve as my synopsis for Spin, because really, that's what this book is about.  It doesn't come out and say that, but that's the message that I took away from it.  Let's talk about why.

Katie Sanford is a screw up though she doesn't seem to really know it or care.  But if you're a 30something freelance journalist pretending to be a 25 year old grad student, you have to have some clue that you don't really have yourself together.  And if that's not enough of a clue, bombing an interview at one of the most prestigious music magazines because you were on a bender the night before, woke up still drunk and threw up mid-interview, should be.

Given a second chance at a writing career, Katie hops on the opportunity. The only catch is it requires her to do 30 days in rehab, which she could certainly use, and write a scathing report on the latest it girl, who happens to be in the same facility Katie is headed to.  So no big deal, right? Right.  As long as Katie doesn't catch a case of morals.

I picked this out of my to be read pile thinking it would be a fluffy, no thinking required kind of read.  I was wrong.  To be fair, it was entertaining, but Katie couldn't entirely fake her way through rehab.  She seriously needed to be there.  And as you watch her interact with her counselor and begin to break things down, you come to realize what's at the root of her problem and you start to cheer her on.  How invested was I in her story? I read it in a the middle of the work week.  That's how good it was.

I gave this four purple armchairs and would have given it five except that the author had a story line she never wrapped up.  Maybe it wasn't that important to the author or anyone else, but I really wanted to see Katie and her sister discuss what went wrong in their relationship and why her sister was so resentful.  I was also hoping for a few more chapters to give more detail of Katie's life post-rehab.  Yes, there were chapters that touched on life after rehab, but I wanted to know about her job, friendships, etc.  Instead, I was left to guess how things turned out.

Published: February 2012


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