Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#BookReview: Ali in Wonderland and Other Tall Tales - Ali Wentworth

Oh, you quirky white women with your quirky white women stories, y'all are just so...quirky.  If you've read any Jen Lancaster books or if you follow The Bloggess, you can save yourself a few hours because Ali Wentworth doesn't cover much that hasn't been touched upon by the aforementioned.

Fine, I take it back. She may touch on a few things, but they only serve to remind us that some people's idea of middle class varies greatly from others.  First, for those unfamiliar with Wentworth, she played on the 90s show In Living Color and then she married George Stephanopolous.  She did some things in between, but that pretty much sums up what I knew about her prior to listening to the audio book.

Growing up as the daughter to Nancy Reagan's social secretary, Ali firmly believes that she is middle class and goes on to tell us about the things she did growing up that every other middle class kid did.  I grew up middle class, yet I didn't find myself trekking across Europe without adult supervision in my teens, nor did I find myself in boarding school.  This is a woman, who as a child entertained Henry Kissinger at neighborhood gatherings, and whose mother was good friends with Jackie Kennedy.  So this whole, I'm just like you thing she tries to pull off, doesn't really fly with me.

And while her stories are somewhat amusing, the order in which they're told is not.  Wentworth jumps back and forth in time, often within the same chapter.  If she were doing so to tie stories together, it would have been less disjointed.  As it was, it appeared to just be the case of someone with a short attention span spitting out stories in a Tourette-like manner.

Listening time: 5 hours and 10 minutes
Published: February 2012


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