Friday, May 11, 2012

#BookReview: Glitter Baby - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

With the parents she has, it's a miracle that Fleur Savagar has managed to stay as sane as she has.  As a teen, her mother, Belinda, dreamed of making it big in Hollywood.  When it became apparent that that wouldn't happen, she shifted her focus to Hollywood's leading men.  Bagging Errol Flynn as a teenager was her greatest accomplishment.  Then Aleksei Savagar came along.

Belinda falls for Aleksei when Errol leaves her.  He's charming and sophisticated and, though he's no movie star, he has more money than she can imagine.  All of that changes when Aleksei realizes Belinda has tricked him into marrying her, all while she's carrying someone else's baby.  As punishment for her deceit, Aleksei sends the newborn off to a convent to be raised by nuns with limited visits from Belinda and no contact at all from Aleksei.

Eventually discovered in Europe, Fleur becomes an international model with Belinda constantly pushing for her to branch out into acting and Hollywood.  With her star obsessed mother scheming and manipulating her, Fleur finds herself on the set of, and in love with, Hollywood leading man Jake Koranda.  When her mother's interference ruins that, Fleur flees to the father that is now ready to accept her, Aleksei.

Finding that his manipulations are as bad as her mother's, only with higher stakes, Fleur disappears altogether and cuts off all of her family in hopes that she can leave behind the world of Hollywood, modeling and deception.  But Aleksei plays for keeps and he's determined that she'll pay for the damage she's done to him.

Oh my God this book went on and on forever.  Though I liked it, it was entirely too long and Fleur's parents were extreme nut bags.  I don't know if the narrator made Belinda more annoying or if Phillips' words did, but every time she spoke, I cringed.  She sounded like a simple child that never grew up.  Her proclaimed innocence every time she manipulated Fleur made me want to punch her in the throat.  And what was up with Aleksei wanting his daughter that wasn't his daughter to have a child with him? Sir? No, just hell no.

Listening time: 14 hours & 15 minutes
Published: December 2008


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