Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#BookReview: The Marriage Pact - M.J. Pullen

Thirty year old Marci Thompson has a problem.  She doesn't realize she does, but she does.  Oh, she knows she's sleeping with a married man, but she's living under the misguided notion that he'll leave his wife for her.  Come on Marci, really?  Haven't we watched enough TV, read enough books and lived long enough to know that rarely happens?  But Marci believes it will.

To complicate matters further, the man she's having an affair with is a founder of the company where she's currently temping.  And, of course, she thinks no one knows that they're sleeping together.  Wrong again.  But Marci stays at the company and with Doug, because she knows that if she can get someone to read her work, she has a chance of being hired as a copywriter and just maybe he'll leave his wife.

While Marci pines away for Doug, her best friend Jake sends her a reminder of the pact they made years ago to marry each other if neither is married by the time they turn 30.  Jake sounds like the perfect man for Marci, but if she realized that up front, this would have been a short story and not a full length book, right?  In the hands of someone else, I probably would have tossed aside this somewhat predictable read.  But Pullen has written a cute story that's perfect for a lazy day or beach read.

Published: June 2011


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