Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#BookReview: Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

With the following elements, Gillian Flynn continuously creates works of such intensity that you couldn't put them down if you tried: a small Midwest town; a scarred woman (mentally and/or physically); and mommy/daddy issues.  Anyone reading her books should be warned that once you start, you just can't stop.  I read Gone Girl and immediately requested Sharp Objects and Dark Places.  Her writing is that damn good.

Dark Places is no exception to Flynn's writing recipe.  Libby Day is a screw up.  Had it not been for the murders of her mother and sisters, she might not have been, but 25 years ago, someone took a gun and an ax to them.  The sweet little girl that could have been Libby Day is now a 32 year old loser, and she's not very likeable.

Libby has never worked a day in her life, living off of the money that poured in from around the country when the story of her family's murders were first told.  But the well has run dry and without a job or a source of income, Libby has gotten pretty desperate.  In fact, she's desperate enough to take a group called The Kill Club up on their offer.

The Kill Club is a group obsessed with famous crimes.  Members of the group truly believe that Libby's brother, Ben, is not guilty of killing the rest of their family.  For 25 years, Libby has never  thought otherwise.  Believing in Ben's guilt has served her well, in her own twisted way.  It's allowed her to play the eternal victim.  On the other hand, if Ben is innocent, why has he accepted his imprisonment without any appeals?  As Libby begins to do research for money, interviewing people from Ben's past, she finds herself asking this question.

This is the first character from Flynn that I've not liked at all, and that's okay.  What I've come to appreciate most about the author's writing is that her female characters do not always get the guy, they're not necessarily beauty queens, and they're just as screwed up as most people.  In other words, they're human.

Judging by the amount of time between each of her novels, I'd say it'll be 2015 before we see another novel from Flynn.  I do believe it'll be well worth the wait.

Published: May 2009


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