Monday, July 9, 2012

#BookReview: Size 12 and Ready to Rock - Meg Cabot

Heather Wells is back!  Fans of the series will remember that we were first introduced to Heather in Size 12 is Not Fat.  A former teen pop star, her career took a dive when she and her record company disagreed on her songs and her image.  To make matters worse, her mother sticky fingered her money and took off to parts unknown.  Now the Debbie Gibson of her time is an assistant residential hall (don't call it a dorm!) director.

If you've been reading the Size 12 series, you already know that there have been a series of unfortunate events in Fischer Hall.  With the students gone for the summer, the university has decided to give the hall a makeover, especially since students are starting to ask not to be placed in the "death dorm."  Heather is looking forward to a peaceful summer with her motley crew of student workers and the love of her life, Cooper Cartwright.  But Heather's life is never peaceful for long.

Ex-boyfriend, and brother of Cooper, Jordan Cartwright pops up with Tania Trace, the very woman Heather caught Jordan with a few years ago.  As if dealing with those two wasn't enough, Christopher Allington is back with all of his smug comments and privileged ways.  Thanks to Christopher, Jordan and Tania will be filming their reality show in Fischer Hall.  And there goes Heather's quiet summer.

Tania has a stalker, which means Heather has a problem.  With the help of private detective/boyfriend, Cooper, and her own instincts, Heather is determined to get to the bottom of things.

As always, Cabot's writing is delightful. Heather is funny enough, but Cabot gives us the hilariously dry and snarky Sarah and the overly perky Lisa for additional giggles.  The first time I "read" a Cabot book, I actually listened to the audio version of Size 12 is Not Fat.  I always worry that books that listen well won't necessarily read well.  That's definitely not a problem with this series.  I enjoy reading it as much as I do listening to it.

I can't remember who narrated the audio version of Size 12 is Not Fat, but her voice reminded me of one of my favorite commercial actresses, Melanie Paxson.  It turns out that Melanie looks nothing like the Heather that's described in the books, but whenever I read them, she is who I see.  Here she is with yet another one of my favorite commercial actresses, Stephanie Courtney, also known as "Flo."

Published: July 2012
Disclaimer: Copy of book received from publisher, opinions are my own.

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