Monday, February 18, 2013

#BookReview: A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty - Joshilyn Jackson

In some communities we often hear girls that are dressed too old for their age or who act more like an adult woman than their own age referred to as fast.  Whether these girls in fact actually act this way knowingly or are falsely accused, the accusations are still there.  Joshilyn Jackson coins a new phrase with the same meaning, a grown-up kind of pretty.

Everyone is waiting for Mosey Slocumb to mess up.  The daughter of Liza Slocumb, a woman that brings grown men to their knees, and granddaughter of Jenny (Big) Slocumb, who herself had Liza when she was just 15, Mosey is expected to follow in their footsteps.  At least that's what the townspeople believe.  Jenny and Liza have big plans for Mosey.  There's no way she's going to end up like them.

As a teen, Liza's grown-up kind of pretty drew men to her like a moth to a flame.  The only thing Liza enjoyed more than men was having a good time with her best friend and that good time almost always involved drugs.  Shortly after Liza gives birth to Mosey, she disappears.  When she reappears on Big's doorstep two years later with Mosey in tow, she's as high as a kite.  The persistence of Big and love of Mosey put her back together again, but some people in town won't let her forget her past mistakes and are determined to make her pay for them repeatedly.  While Liza has never cared about what anyone thought of her, she can't have her past actions affect Mosey in the present.  With the help of Big, she tries to make sure they don't.

A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty has been on my to be read list since the day I saw the cover.  It's taken me a while to get around to it, but it was definitely worth the wait.  I've never read Joshilyn Jackson before, but I understand from talking to other readers that her other books are good, but this is probably her best.  She does a fantastic job of giving voice to three generations of women, each with a distinct voice. At times funny, others sad, this is absolutely a can't put down book.  Just to give you an idea, it typically takes me two weeks to listen to an audio book.  This one took me three days.

Published: January 2012
Listening time: 12 hours, 25 minutes

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