Monday, February 4, 2013

#BookReview: Here I Go Again - Jen Lancaster

Every school had one, a clique of mean girls that ruled the school.  (Well my school didn't because we were all nerds, but I digress.)  Have you ever wondered what happened to the Regina George of your school days?  Are the Plastics still together?  Okay, if you've never seen Mean Girls, these references are totally lost on you, but trust me when I tell you Jen Lancaster gets the whole mean girls thing right with just a little twist in Here I Go Again.

Lissy Ryder is hell on wheels and has been since she ruled the hallways of Lyons Township High School.  Once upon a time she was Regina George, now she can't even make fetch happen.  Her high school boyfriend, whom she nicknamed Duke because of an unfortunate incident, is now her husband and her Gretchen Wiener-like best friend, Nicole, is still playing second fiddle to Lissy's ridiculous ways. But there comes a time when people get fed up with foolishness and the reign of Lissy Ryder is coming to an end.

Duke, who actually prefers to be called by his real name of Martin, has filed for divorce, forcing Lissy back to her childhood home. As you watch the relationship between Lissy's demanding and demeaning mother and her overworked and under appreciated father, you begin to understand how the mean girls of the world are created.

Determined to prove she's still got "it," minus a husband, Lissy agrees to attend her class reunion with Nicole. Even though she's jobless and approaching divorce, she's pretty sure that she's still done better than the peons she ridiculed in high school. Except, she's not.  Karma is a bitch and Lissy is about to become well acquainted with her.

How is it that everyone is doing so much better than her?  And why are they so openly hostile?  Was she really that bad in high school? Yes, yes she was.  If she had a chance to go back and make things right, would she take it?  Would you?

I couldn't really get into Jen Lancaster's first foray into fiction with If You Were Here, but Here I Go Again is brilliant.  From reading her memoirs, I feel like Jen has more than a smidgen of Lissy Ryder in her, which probably aided her in writing this book. As someone of the same generation as Lancaster, I easily understood her pop culture references and cackled loudly at more than a few of them.  This is the perfect read for anyone that's been a mean girl, dealt with mean girls or, you know, just survived high school and life after.

Published: February 2013
Disclaimer: Copy of book received from publisher, opinions are my own.

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