Monday, May 20, 2013

#BookReview: Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella

Some people will do anything to get married. Lottie is absolutely, positively sure that Richard is about to put a ring on it.  So sure of it that she's told her office mates, her sister and strangers in the bathroom, and yet, her boyfriend has no such plans.  What's a girl to do when she's made a complete and utter fool of herself?  Well, she marries the next man that asks her!

Fliss is the more sensible of the two sisters, though her ex-husband Daniel knows just how to push all of her buttons.  The one good thing that came of her marriage was the precocious Noah.  At seven, he has an overactive imagination and a tendency to tell tall tales that makes for quite a few interesting situations.  As the older sister, Fliss feels it's her duty to look out for Lottie and be a shoulder for her to lean on while she stumbles through life, unless Fliss thinks she's in danger of hurting herself.  Then, of course, it's Fliss' job to point her in the right direction.

When Richard's marriage proposal falls through, Lottie finds herself reconnecting with her gap year fling, a man she hasn't seen in 15 years..  And even though Ben is quite abrupt with her and a little rude, Lottie is determined to be married at any and all cost.  Deciding that they should hold off on cohabitation until their honeymoon, the two set off for the island of Ikonos where they first met, determined to get reacquainted and rekindle their romance.  Oh, but big sister Fliss is just as determined to stop any of that from happening with a little help from her friends.

I was SO looking forward to this book.  Sophie Kinsella was my first introduction to chick lit and usually I can't wait to read or listen to her books.  Something was just different about Wedding Night and not necessarily in a good way.  I didn't care about the two female lead characters as much as I did about Poppy Wyatt in Can You Keep A Secret or Lara Lington in Twenties Girl or any of the other countless heroines in previous Kinsella books.  I don't know if her writing is getting stale or if I'm just outgrowing her.

I saved this audio book especially for a road trip because I figured it would keep me entertained; however, I found myself turning it off and listening to the radio instead because it just wasn't good enough to hold my attention.  I almost always listen to Kinsella books instead of reading them and this is the first time that I can recall her using more than one narrator.  She often uses Rosalyn Landor or Kate Reading as narrators and they're absolutely fabulous.  This time she went with two women and a man and none of them had the it factor.  For people that read the book, can you tell me if you had the same experience or was mine just tainted by lackluster narrators?

Listening time: 13 hours, 13 minutes
Published: April 2013

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