Monday, June 24, 2013

#BookReview: Revenge Wears Prada:The Devil Returns - Lauren Weisberger

Though I'm not sure it was picked as one of the official buzz books at BEA this summer, attendees were certainly buzzing about the return of Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly.  I'll admit I was buzzing about it too, and before I read it, I thought it would be fun to go back and read the book that started it all, The Devil Wears Prada.

My reason for re-reading the book may seem silly, but here's why I did it.  When Terry McMillan wrote Getting to Happy, it seems like she wrote the sequel based on the movie version of her novel, Waiting to Exhale, instead of the actual book.  Since it had been 10 years since I read Devil, and I've seen the movie no less than 20 times, I thought it made sense to re-read the book so I'd know if the sequel was following what happened in the book versus what happened in the movie.  Make sense?

Author reading
If you read the book or saw the movie, you'll remember that Andy quit her job with Runway as the assistant to the Anna Wintour-like editor, Miranda Priestly, after almost a year of being at her beck and call.  The movie version had Andy reunited with her boyfriend by the end, but the book version had them breaking up and him moving away.  In the movie, Andy lived with her boyfriend; in the book, she and Lily were roommates.  Those were the biggest differences I remember.

Fast forward 10 years from where Devil ends and we find Andy starting her own magazine with none other than her arch nemesis, Emily.  An unlikely duo, Andy and Emily are now best friends married to men that are best friends.  Their new venture, a high end bridal magazine, thrives under Andy's journalistic skills and Emily's knack for business.  Life is good for the women and then...

Miranda Priestly is back.  Andy still has nightmares about the woman that made her life a living hell.  And even though Miranda fired Emily shortly after Andy quit, Emily still holds her in high esteem.  When Miranda comes along dangling a carrot in front of the two, it threatens to ruin their partnership and their friendship.

I was a bit disappointed in Andy's story line.  At the beginning of the book, she had a big doubt about the direction her life should take and instead of listening to her gut, she ignored it.  That decision ultimately lead her to the situation she found herself in later in the book.  I also questioned her naivete.  Ten years in the business and in her mid-30s, and she still took people for their word even when it was blatantly obvious that things were not as they seemed.

When Lauren Weisberger was in St. Louis on the book tour, an audience member asked her if there will be a follow up to Revenge.  Though Weisberger said she had no plans for one, she did leave the possibility open with her ending.  As much as I loved the Devil movie, I don't know that I need a movie version of this book or a sequel.


Published: June 2013

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