Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#BookReview: Ladies' Night by Mary Kay Andrews

Blogger extraordinaire, Grace Stanton has everything she could ask for.  Her blog, Grace Notes, does so well that it's become not only her full-time business, but also her husband's.  Ben quit his job to manage the site and it's afforded them a fabulous house in a gated community, expensive cars and a closet full of Tory and Kate.  Life is good.  Then Grace catches Ben in the front seat of his car with her assistant, Jamie, and they're doing more than just making small talk.

Fueled by anger, and rightfully so, Grace sinks Ben's precious car in the pool and leaves Ben, Jamie and the house behind.  In the blink of an eye, Grace loses everything.  Ben cuts off her credit cards and her access to the house.  He even locks her out of her own blog!  Now my blog doesn't bring in a dime, but imagine if your blog makes so much money that you're living in the lap of luxury and that's taken away from you.  I'd be hotter than fish grease!

Living over her parents' bar, Grace is determined to start over.  But first, she has to make it through court ordered counseling.  It seems that the Honorable Judge Staggpole has a thing against women.  Grace watches in horror as the judge not only sides with Ben, but tells her she must attend weekly sessions with a therapist until it is determined that she's truly sorry for damaging Ben's car.  Until then, the judge won't even consider a settlement agreement.

Going in, Grace can't see how counseling with Paula, her drugged out group leader, is going to be of any assistance, but I could tell right away that the ladies in the group would prove to be entertaining.   Camryn Noble, a local anchorwoman; Suzanne, a mild-mannered professor; Ashley, wife to one of Sarasota's best known plastic surgeons; Grace and poor Wyatt, a single father fighting to maintain joint custody of his son, make up the motley crew that meets each week.  Even if things aren't perfect, the women and Wyatt have each other to lean on.

Mary Kay Andrews' books are always spot on.  Though I like her books in written format, I prefer listening to them because the characters seem just a little more lively when they're voiced.  I've yet to read or listen to a bad book from her.

Listening time: 17 hours, 28 minutes
Published: June 2013

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