Monday, March 31, 2014

#BookReview: Diary of a Mummy Misfit by Amanda Egan

I’ve been on a bit of a British chick lit jag lately. It started with a book that had been sitting on Kinderella for a while. I’m not quite sure when I bought it (damn Amazon and 1-click buying!), but the cover was “interesting” enough that I finally gave it a go. And then I proceeded to read everything the author has written.

As a prior private school parent, I could certainly relate to Libby Marchant. Along with her husband, Ned, they make the decision to sacrifice vacations to give their son a good education at one of the fanciest private schools around. Libby and Ned were over the moon when Max is accepted, but had no clue what was in store for them.

Snide remarks and sideways glances from the Meemies, as Libby calls the stuck up parents of the other students, would be enough to discourage anyone from socializing at school drop off and pick up. Luckily for Libby, she meets another first time parent, Fenella. Though she comes from money, Fenella is nothing like the Meemies. She’s loud and brash and says exactly what’s on her mind, and she never treats Libby as anything other than an equal. She’s just what Libby needs to make it through the school year.

Finding themselves in charge of the school’s Christmas Fair, the two have just months to put together an over the top shindig that everyone will approve of, all the while fending off overbearing and over-Botoxed mothers and lecherous fathers.  Their mishaps and run ins with the other mothers will either kill them, make them stronger, or drive them to drinking.  Knowing Libby and Fenella, they wouldn't mind the drinking so much.

It was an absolute joy to read this book. Libby and Fenella’s friendship was hilarious and a lot of fun to watch. They balance each other out well and when Libby was at a loss for words or couldn’t quite find the snappy comeback needed, Fenella was always there to step in and do it for her. Amanda Egan is fairly new to the chick lit scene, but I hope she’s around to stay for a bit. I was so impressed with the characters and the story line, that I immediately downloaded the sequel.

Published: June 2011

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