Friday, March 28, 2014

#BookReview: Tabby & Kat by Amanda Egan

Polly, Tabby and Adam have been the Thunky Three since their days at university. Even after graduation, the three friends lived together for years. Then Polly up and decided to get married and left Adam and Tabby to find a new roommate and that’s where the trouble began.

Adam has been in love with Tabby for years, but she doesn’t see him as anything other than a really good friend. She gets on well with his family, especially his mentally challenged brother, James. With his new startup company bringing in a substantial amount of money, Adam offers to split rent 2 to 1 if Tabby would prefer to forgo a new roomie. But Tabby doesn’t want to deal with any complications or awkward situations that might arise if she and Adam were to live together without another adult present.

Tabby notices a woman that looks slightly like her skulking around the shop where she works a few times, but thinks nothing of it until Kat shows up at her door. With a sob story of deceased parents and nowhere to go, Tabby and Adam take in the friendly, yet eccentric, Kat.  Big mistake...huge! *Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman voice*

Initially, the three get along well. Then Kat begins to show up wearing Tabby’s clothes…without asking. That alone would have been enough to get my hackles up. Did you seriously go in my closet in my room and take something without asking? And then have the nerve to show up to meet me wearing them as if everything is everything? So that should have been the initial warning sign.

Things begin to spiral out of control from that point. Little things like Kat “cleaning” up Tabby’s computer when she’s not asked to, to Tabby’s bird Timothy (who is a freaking riot) losing feathers and being released from his padlocked cage, begin to take their toll on Tabby. She can’t figure out why Adam refuses to believe Kat is the psycho she knows her to be, but it becomes obvious that it’s every woman for herself in this battle to the death.

Tabby & Kat is chick lit meets Single White Female. It was not at all what I was expecting from Amanda Egan. While most of her work is very lighthearted, Tabby & Kat exposes her dark side. It’s a bit twisted, but still a good read, even though the cover is all kinds of horrible.

Published: December 2013

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