Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#BookReview: The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit by Amanda Egan

The end of Diary of a Mummy Misfit found Libby as the heir to a sizable amount of money and a villa in Tuscany. Ah, to be able to say her family was going on holiday like the other families at her son’s school was something she and Ned ever imagined. With money, Libby no longer has to worry about the mothers at school treating her as a charity case. For a minute, it looked as if Max might need tuition assistance after Ned lost his job, but the death of her estranged godmother and a new job took care of that. So is Libby now officially a Meemie? Not hardly!

Teamed up with her BFF and fellow anti-Meemie, Fenella, Libby is back and a little bit smarter about school politics than she was last term. Joining the ladies is Patience, mother of one of the few black students. As a new mom, Patience isn’t sure if the Meemies reject her because of her race or because she’s a single mother. Turns out, they just dislike poor people. And while Libby and Fenella soon find out that she’s loaded, they don’t tell the Meemies because they want to see just how much they’ll grovel at Patience’s feet when they find out her father is one of the fifth wealthiest men in Nigeria.

The mighty fall fast and hard in this sequel and a mother that previously held the charitable arm of the school in disdain finds herself in need of its services. What makes it sweet is she was so unbelievably nasty and mean to Libby before, and now Libby finds herself in charge of the charity. But Libby is far too distracted by other things.

Though life is good and everything is on track financially and at school, Libby finds herself falling into a funk because of her personal life. Distancing herself from her adoring husband, Ned, and her best friends, she finds herself in a bit of a pickle. She’ll work her way out of it, as only she can, but not without a good swift kick in the butt from those who love her.

I really enjoyed The Dark Side of Mummy Misfit, though not as much as the first book. Still, I’m holding out hope for another sequel. Libby and Fenella continue to amuse and Patience is a welcome addition to their little group.

Published: December 2011

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