Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#BookReview: The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern

You’ll have to suspend your imagination to read and enjoy Cecilia Ahern’s The Time of My Life, but I can almost promise you, it will be worth it. In a whimsical read that I was at first unsure about, Ahern introduces us to Lucy Silchester. Lucy seems like a typical young woman in that her days are pretty routine. She goes to work, comes home to her cat, eats dinner, watches TV, goes to bed and starts all over the next day. But Lucy’s life takes a turn for the better - or worse, depending on how you look at it - when she starts receiving invitations to meet with her life.

Initially avoiding the invites, Lucy has no choice but to stop by Life’s office when her family, friends and co-workers begin to receive invitations on her behalf. A putrid smelling and horrible looking man, Lucy is at once appalled by what her Life looks like. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine thinking (or pretending) that you’re living your best life, only to find out it’s actually suffering. All of Lucy’s lies and secrets she’s kept from her family and friends are reflected in her Life.

I can’t even begin to imagine having my Life out there on front and center street, just announcing all my business to anyone that happens by. And it’s not that Life even had to say anything. Just by looking at him, you could tell that Lucy’s life was in shambles while she pretended it was not.

Like I said, you’ll have to suspend your imagination to get into the book, but it really is a good read. I found myself wondering what my Life would look like. Would it embarrass me or put me in sticky situations? Would it force me to be honest with myself and others around me? What about you? Would your life look more like Idris Elba or like Tracy Morgan?

Listening time:  13 hours
Published: October 2011

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