Monday, July 14, 2014

#BookReview: Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

There are some things you can always count on in a Mary Kay Andrews book: a smart leading lady, a scoundrel for the leading man, a comic relief providing sidekick, someone out to ruin the leading lady, a cantankerous older person and, almost always, a Savannah setting.  In Save the Date, she continues the formula that has worked for her so well and continues to do so.

After working with a longtime Savannah florist, Cara Kryzik inherits the business from her.  With a substantial loan from her father, she renovates the place and renames it Bloom.  Although she and her assistant, Burt, provide flowers for tons of hospital patients and prom goers around Savannah, weddings are their big money makers and Cara could really use the money to pay off her father.

Jack is the man Cara loves to hate.  When her golden doodle, Poppy, escapes the flower shop, Cara tracks her down blocks away with Jack Finnerty.  Convinced that Jack has stolen her dog, she harasses him until she realizes she's going to be late for the wedding from hell.  Imagine her surprise when Jack ends up at the same wedding!

In typical Andrews fashion, the couple meets, the couple hates each other, and the couple falls in love. The leading lady has the rug pulled from under her by an evil nemesis and still manages to come out on top in the end. There are no surprises here.  As I mentioned, Andrews' writing is pretty formulaic at this point.  The only differences tend to be the occupations of the characters.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that BeBe and Weezie, characters from another series by Andrews, are mentioned in the book.  It gives me hope that a BeBe and Weezie book is on the way soon.

448 pp
Listening time: 13 hours, 47 minutes
Published: June 2014

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