Friday, August 8, 2014

#BookReview: Charlie Glass's Slippers by Holly McQueen

If life is just one big ball, why isn’t Charlie Glass having any fun? In this modern day twist on Cinderella; Charlie is the youngest daughter of famed shoe designer, Elroy Glass. The product of his second marriage, she’s always been shunned by both the stepmother and stepsisters she was forced to live with after her own mother’s death. Elroy’s failing health leaves Charlie playing nursemaid and at the mercy of her vile stepmother. But all is not lost! Cinderella is a fairy tale with a happy ending and, though this is no fairy tale, it’s safe to say that Charlie will end up with a happy ending of her own.

Charlie is everything her stepsisters are not. She’s a bit unorganized, pretty easy going, has a close knit group of friends, isn’t into fashion and is slightly overweight. She’s also hesitant to speak up for herself, allowing Gaby, Robyn and her stepmother, Diana, to walk all over her. How else would she end up preparing and serving the food at her father’s memorial service while the others treated her like the help? An unexpected clause in her father’s will leaves Charlie with an apartment that no one wanted (until it was bequeathed to her, of course), and the determination to really make something of herself.

Before her mother passed and her father sank into the depths of depression, his shoe designs were world renowned. What were originally affordable to, and comfortable for, the everyday woman became overpriced and painful to wear pointy toed monstrosities. When Charlie proposes re-creating her father’s old shoe line, her stepmother and Gaby agree to allow her, believing that Charlie knows nothing about business and will just end up failing. Just as it looks like Charlie is going to come out on top, roadblocks begin to pop up. Charlie, however, has a few tricks up her sleeve and is determined to succeed at this, if nothing else.

Charlie Glass’s Slippers was absolutely a delightful read. Charlie is the kind of character you can get behind just because she’s so nice and slightly naïve. Her relationship with her best friend, Lucy, was fun to watch, but I most enjoyed her interactions with Galina, her aesthetician who had no qualms about waxing, poking and prodding Charlie whenever and wherever she felt the need to do so. This is my first read from Holly McQueen, but I’m already planning to read her back catalog. This is definitely chick lit done well and right.

Published: August 2014
Disclaimer: Copy of book received from publisher, opinions are my own.

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